Cross stitch round frame

Hey everyone! Sorry, I’m usually a lurker and not a poster but I’m just looking for some advice. Thanks for taking the time to read below ?

Cross stitching is a hobby I’m getting back into after only doing small bits when I was younger in primary school. I am a serial knotter and I was reading through some posts and comments about how people finish off a thread (thank you! Really helpful). Now stupid question, but how do you start off the thread when you don’t knot it? My previous works I’ve finished and kept in an embroidery frame and the knots have never been a problem. I was looking at doing one for a friend and framing it but I’m a bit nervous if it’ll bubble and everything with knots. I like coming up with my own designs, so have usually based them around being in a round frame but I’m looking at trying something new and up my skills a bit.

Also, thanks for all the pictures of your gorgeous works that always seem to pop up firs. You guys are so talented and it gives me hope that I can achieve that one day! ❤️ terrible pics but included the cross stitch I made for my twin for our birthday. He gave me colour options that were in his house and I was going through my clothes – pattern inspired by an old shirt that I got rid of. I’m still proud of it (even with all the mistakes I’ve made) but I know I have a ways to go yet ?

May be an image of indoorMay be an image of indoor

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