Cross stitch mermaids. Echo Lake’s design

AT LAST!! And I can finally say im done with this awesome conversion ? hehehe! To summarize my modifications I made on this, here are the details:

* Changed the entire faces with Echo Lake’s design, do a rechart and tilt there heads
* Added the fins on their heads
* Completely removed the shell on the ears and replaced it from Echo design
* Decided to removed the crown their holding and converted the rope/string to full beads instead of mixed crosstitches and beads
* Trimmed the body of the left mermaid and pattern her body structure on the right mermaid
* Adjusted the design pattern of the tail (left mermaid)
* Due to the trimming of the body I moved her tail and changed the overlapping tails
* Finally, added series of beaded strings on their hair

Hahaha! I didn’t expect that I will do a lot of modifications on this but I really enjoy doing this project. A lot of mistakes and frogging that I faced on this especially on 1over1 skin but I didn’t mind at all. Also, I didn’t notice that it took me already 5 months including recharting on this. Its a rollercoster emotion working on this project and I just thought that I will park this project. Oh well we just need to move forward and enjoy our hobby. Really really happy that this project turned out well and im happy to share this in our crossstitch communitiy. Have a great day and happy stitching! ?❤️?‍♀️

PS. Sorry for the long post ??

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