Beginner kits from Amazon

I’ve added a pic of what I have done that I loved. ? I’m so new that I was too nervous to post it! But I appreciate all of you comments and encouragement so much!! Thank you!

I’m new here and feel super awkward to ask for help, but I need help. I bought a needlepoint/embroidery (not sure the difference?) kit from Amazon stitched on fabric. I absolutely fell in love.

I cross-stitched a lot as a kid (my aunt loved it), but I don’t have the patience or focus for counting and keeping up with the pattern. I always make so many mistakes that I give up. But the needlepoint was amazing. I loved the freedom for creativity and no counting! But now I’m stuck. I loved the kit, but I don’t know what to do next.

Do I get more kits? I would rather grow and learn more instead of more of the beginner kits. If I get patterns, how do I get them onto the fabric? What fabric do I use? I like vintage looks (I think I must’ve lived another life in the victorian era lol). Where do I find patterns like that?

I appreciate your help so much. I’m not good at asking for help so this is super outside of my confort zone. ?

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